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Ahaggar Mountains, Algeria

Ahaggar Mountains are a group of mountains also known as Hoggar, are a highland region in central Sahara, or southern Algeria near the Tropic of Cancer. The Ahaggar Mountains are made up of volcanic rocks rising from the barren planes of Sahara which has an average height of 900 meters. It is one of the most popular travel regions also one of the national parks in the country.

The Ahaggar Mountains are located West of Tamanghasset and about 1,500 km south of Algiers. Tamanghasset is the main city nearby which was built in a desert valley or wadi. Mount Tahat is the tallest peak in the area reaching 2,918m in height. Due to its less extreme climate, Ahaggar Mountains are known for its great biodiversity and host relict species.

The Ahaggar Mountains are young about 2 million years old. The climate here is very hot in summer and temperatures are below 0°C in winter. Rainfall is rare and sporadic. The Ahaggar massif is the land of the Imuhagh, the Tuareg people.

There is a tomb of the famous Tin Hinan, in the oasis of Abalassa near the town of Tamanghasset. The matriach believed to be the ancestor of the Tuareg of Ahaggar. According to legend, Tin Hinan originated from Tafilalt region in the Atlas Mountains. The region also features Cave paintings depicting wildlife now found only in the southern parts of Africa.

A popular way to view this region is through the Hoggar Circuit. The Ahaggar is also home to the Imuhagh (Kel Ahaggar). These are a subset of the Tuareg people, a group famous for their blue garments and veiled men, as well as their practice of tracking lineage matrilineally.

It is also one of the national parks of the country where slightly to the west of the Ahaggar range, a population of the endangered African Wild Dogs can be seen. Saharan cheetahs, unidentified leopards, gennets, mongooses and wild cats are some of the residents of Ahaggar Mountains.