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Air Mountains, Niger

The Air Mountains are known for its rock art, dating from 6000 BC to around AD 1000. During the Neolithic Sub pluvial the region was a rural area. During the 3rd millennium BC, however, a process of desertification began and the Tuareg from further north migrated into the region. The Air Mountains consist of nine almost circular massifs rising from a rocky plateau, bordered by the sand dunes and plain of the Tenere Desert to the east.

Air Mountains in Niger are very impressive natural wonder and a popular tourist destination absolutely worth a visit. These triangular massifs are north of Agadez, located in the Sahara Desert, towards the north of Niger. Towards the northeast of the mountains there is the Djado Plateau. The highest peaks of Air reach 2000 meters, Mt Bagzane some 150 km north of Agadez is just above that.

This triangular mountain massif covers an area equal to that of Switzerland. The Air Mountains in Niger is home to amazing flora and fauna. Agadez city is the capital of the Air Mountains region. The Air Mountains offer great sightseeing in Niger.

The inhabitants of Air Mountains are generally nomads and their livelihood depends on camels and goats for milk, meat and skins. They make excellent handicrafts using the skins of animals. Air is famous for its rock art. Timia, Tabelot, Fachi and Bilma are the beautiful Oasis situated amidst the Air Mountains. People from Timia and Tabelot exchange their agricultural produce for salt and clothes carried down by the camel caravans from far away oases of Fachi and Bilma.

Agadez is a city situated towards the northern part of Niger. The town of Agadez in the heart of the Tuareg country is the capital of Air. Agadez is the capital city of the Department of Agadez. The city houses an international airport. Agadez offers ample places for sightseeing.

Agadez Tourist Attractions:
  • Mosque of Agadez
  • Palace of Sultan
  • Vieux Marche
  • Camel Market