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The Incredible Camel Trekking in Timbuktu

The Sahara Desert is accessible from a number of African countries, and Timbuktu is also one of them. To experience the real thrill and adventure of this vast, punishing yet beautiful desert, opt for a camel trek across the wind-sculpted dunes of the Sahara. Timbuktu is surrounded by a gigantic desert and is inhabited for centuries by the nomadic Tuareg’s, which offers some very unique chances for camel trekking.

The Sahara Desert Timbuktu Camel Trekking is tailor made especially on demand by the tourists and is strictly private, with no fixed schedules of departure or tenure. These are just designed as per the convenience according to your desires. The Camel Trek to Timbuktu can be just for two day and three nights or even extend for a week to around twenty days. A typical trek will begin from Timbuktu and ends at the desert oasis at Araouane and Taoudanni.

A desert safari is preferably for the physically tough, so it is advisable to make prior arrangements before embarking on such a trek. This trip may also require certain degree of mental as well as physical stamina, as the extreme day temperatures may rise to about 120 deg. The guide will always be there to help and support in any extreme conditions.

A typical camel trek caravan staff comprises of Tuareg camp guide, cook, and a groom for the camels. The routine during the trek will mostly be an early morning rise, followed by breakfast and setting off at about 8:30. After the mid-day halt, lunch is prepared and you can spend the afternoon socializing with the nomadic tribal’s and other traders. The final stop will be around 6:00 pm just before the sunset; this is the perfect time to click some amazing desert shots.

Camps are set up by the staff which can be adjusted as per you convenience, most visitors prefer to sleep on mattresses under the sky with soft glow of campfire underneath an ocean of stars. This might be an unforgettable experience at your visit to the Sahara desert. The best time to plan the Timbuktu Camel Trek is from September to April.