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Sahara Desert Natives Cultures & Tribes

There are many different people groups and tribes across the continent of Africa - with their culture varying from tribe to tribe. Many tribes of indigenous people have traversed the Sahara Desert such as the Chaamba, the Fulani, the Tibu, the Bobo, and the Doui Menia, and many more. Three groups of people, Arabs, Berbers and Tuareg's are found in majority in the Sahara desert.

Arabs: Arabs are the dominant group in the northern Saharan areas that arrived in North Africa during the 7th century AD, at a time when Islam was spreading from its birthplace in the Middle East.

Berbers: Berbers are the earliest inhabitants of the Atlas Mountains. These people do not consider themselves Arabs and are many scattered tribes of Berber across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

Tuareg: Tuareg people are predominantly nomadic people of the Sahara desert, mostly in the Northern reaches of Mali near Timbuktu and Kidal. These people mostly travel through the southern area of the Sahara, extending from the south of Algeria into Libya, Niger, and Mali.

Maasai: Maasai, famous as herders and warriors, once dominated the plains of East Africa. Now however they are confined to a fraction of their former range.

Bobo: Bobo people have lived in western Burkina Faso and Mali for centuries. They are known for their masks which are worn with elaborate outfits for celebrations. Primarily agricultural people they also cultivate cotton which they use to trade with others.

Zulu: These are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, well known for their beautiful brightly colored beads and baskets as well as other small carvings.

Bushmen/San: The 'Bushmen' are the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, where they have lived for at least 20,000 years. Their home is in the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert.