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Sahara Hot Springs – A Paradise in the Desert

The Desert Hot Spring is one of the major attractions in the Sahara Desert and the most talked about activities which are religiously followed by every tourist that visits the Sahara Desert. To fulfill your dream of a lifetime experience of being around a Desert Hot Spring, you need to visit Ksar Ghilane, an Oasis.

Ksar Ghilane is a shimmering mirage Oasis in Tunisian Sahara in the middle of the harsh and warm desert. This place has its own attractions like it offers its charm and shade, the spring in the deserts and the sound of the whispering waters.

This place is located in the southeast Zaafrane, and can be reached from Djerba, Douz and Tozeur at merely a countable distance of about three to four hour ride by four-wheel drive vehicles or by self-drive hire cars. Ksar Ghilane is a romantic desert camp Oasis surrounded by red sand dunes, date palms and the desert famous tamarisk trees which makes it a heaven of peace.

The campsites of this region offer an elusive and unique nomadic experience for all. In the middle surrounded by beautiful palm trees and lots of exotic plants and shrubs is a warm sulphur spring which fills a small swimming pool hole. A dip in this desert hot spring is a unique unforgettable experience. This natural hot spring-fed swimming pool is the rarest site to be spotted in the warm Sahara desert