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Popular Sahara Desert Mountains

The Sahara is the world’s largest Desert in the world, which stretches itself through 11 countries. The northern regions of Sahara Deserts are covered with the Atlas Mountains. The Sahara is also shared with a lot of Sand sheets and dunes that represents the Sahara and spreads nearly 25% in the desert.

The other parts are mountains, stony steppes and oases. Pyramidal dunes can be as high as 150 mts, while mountainous sand ridges as high as 350 mts. The highest peak in the Sahara Desert is the Emi Koussi which is about (3415 m).

The Atlas mountain range of the Sahara desert is extending itself about 2,400 km (1,500 miles). Atlas Range separates the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast from the Sahara Desert. The Mountains are divided into separate ranges including, Middle Atlas, High Atlas, Anti-Atlas.

A sand dune is a mountain of sand that also shares space of a mountain structure in the Sahara Desert. Regs are another type of land form found in the desert, which are temporary mountains of the Sahara. Some volcanic mountains are there as well in the Sahara Desert. Emi Koussi, a peak in the Tibesti Mountains is 11, 204 feet high and the highest point in the desert.