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Popular Sahara Desert Exotic Pictures

Sahara desert is about 5000 km. stretching from east to west. This desert covers around 9,000,000 square kilometers. Sahara Desert and Kalahari Desert are the two major deserts of Africa that draw large number of people from all over the world. These deserts are home to many historical monuments and are embellished with sand dunes. The Sahara Desert is also major Africa Tourist Attractions and you can choose for tours of this desert and enjoy spectacular glimpses of the never ending sand dunes as well as the blinding sand storms.

Here are some of the popular Sahara Desert Exotic Pictures:
Camel Ride Sahara Desert

Camel Riding: Experience the exotic feeling of riding with a camel caravan in the sandy deserts of Libya, visiting proud and gracious tribal peoples and witnessing age-old traditional festivals or swimming in turquoise waters. You’ll have a delightful time!

Sahara Desert Exotic Plants

Sahara Desert Exotic Plants: The plants of Sahara adapt to unreliable rainfall and extreme heat conditions. The plants in Sahara desert are an important food resource for the people and the animals to survive with such sparse vegetation.

Sahara Desert Mountains

Sahara Desert Exotic Mountains: The Sahara Desert has many different landforms like sand dunes and Rocky Mountains. Some dunes can be as high as 600 feet. The highest mountain range of Sahara Desert is the Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains are the most northerly of Africa's mountains, extending in a broken chain for over 1000 miles across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Sandstone Pillars Sahara Desert

Sandstone Pillars Sahara: Spires of eroded sandstone stand like ancient pillars in the red dunes of Chad's Karnasai Valley in the central Sahara desert. Fierce winds, punishing sandstorms, and occasional douses of rain are slowly turning these rock formations back into the sand from which they were made.

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes

Sahara Desert Sand Dunes: The picturesque Sahara Desert sand dunes are the natures most beautiful and interesting phenomenon. The remarkable structure and pattern of the sand dunes in Sahara Desert provide habitats for a variety of life which are marvelously adapted to this serene environment.

Timia Oasis In Sahara Desert

Timia Oasis Sahara: Timia Oasis is located on the Aïr Mountains (northern Niger), is amidst the sand-dunes with a couple of palm-trees on either side. Instead it is a rich network of lush gardens in the middle of some of the most hostile terrain on earth you’ll oranges, pomegranates. date palms and citrus trees, and beneath the cool of the spreading leaves, many number of herbs, cereals and garden vegetables are grown.

Sahara Desert Camps

Sahara Desert Camps: What else could be more memorable than a night under the stars after a sunset camel ride and a dinner next to the fire camp while entertained by a local folkloric band? luxury Sahara desert camp is far more exclusive and private than the larger communal camps. Sahara desert camp is tucked away with high sand dunes on all sides, composed of 3 tents, a flushable western toilet and a hot shower, electricity and 3 charming Berber nomads who will be waiting on you throughout your stay.

4x4 Desert Safari Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Safari: No holiday to Sahara is complete without going on a desert safari to the Sahara. Experience the world’s largest Sahara Desert and discover spectacular landscapes and mysterious cultures on a unique Desert Safari. These tours are not designed for the faint hearted and a certain amount of team spirit is required, they are nontheless suitable for anyone between the ages of 8 - 75. The Land Rovers will enable you to experience and enjoy many of the thrills and adventures of the Sahara.

Sahara Desert Wildlife

Sahara Desert Wildlife: Sahara hosts some 70 species of mammals, 90 species of resident birds, 100 species of reptiles, and numerous species of arthropods. Barbary sheep, oryx, anubis baboon, spotted hyena, dama gazelle, common jackal and sand fox; the birds--ostriches, secretary birds, Nubian bustards and various raptors; the reptiles--cobras, chameleons, skinks, various lizards and crocodiles; and the arthropods--numerous ants, scarab beetles and the "deathstalker" scorpion are some of the common ones seen in the Sahara Desert.

Sahara Desert Nomadic Tribes

Sahara Desert Nomadic Tribes: The peoples of Africa are often described in terms of their ethnic background or their languages. There are several thousand ethnic groups in Africa, ranging in physical stature from the short Pygmies to the tall Maasai, each with its own cultural traditions. Most of the people living in Sahara are Nomads. The principal ethnic groups of the Sahara are the Tuareg (of Berber origin), who dominate the mountains of the central Sahara; the peoples of mixed Berber and Arab origin in W Sahara; and the Tibu (Tébu), who dominate the Tibesti Massif.