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Sahara Desert Popular Museums

The Sahara Desert is one of nature's wonders. It is the hottest and the largest desert in the world. It is situated in North Africa, extending from the Atlantic Ocean eastward towards the Red Sea and Iraq. It is about 5000 km. stretching from east to west. There are many museums in Sahara Desert. You can find some interesting museums in Egypt like, Cairo museum, Coptic Museum, Egyptian Museum and Nubian Museum, which was built by UNESCO.

This museum tells the story of the land of Nubian in southern Egypt and northern Sudan over the past several thousand years. With over 2,000 items exhibited in either excellent display cases or models of Nubian environments, this museum does a much better job of showing the history of Egypt than the National Museum in Cairo.

You will also find museums in other regions like:

  • National Corporation of Antiquities
  • Khalifa House museum
  • Sudan National museum
  • Musee de Tipassa
  • Musee National de Djihad
  • Musee National de Bardo
  • Musee National de Antiquities
  • Musee Bordj El Kiffan
  • Musee du Bartha
  • Musée ethnographique de Dar Jamai
  • Musée ethnographique des Oudayas
  • Musee National du Niger
  • Musee Regional de Dosso
  • Musee Regional de Zinder
  • Musee Geologique
  • Musee des P.T.T. Musee National de Carthage
  • Musee Regional de Mahdia