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Sahara Desert Camps – Popular Desert Activity

The Sahara Desert Camping journey leads you through spectacular gorges, fertile valleys, and green oasis belts where you can camp under the stars in the dramatic Sahara Desert. The sight of the dunes is astounding, sun rays seem to dance across the ever shifting sands at sunrise and sunset and at night the skies shimmer with twinkling stars serenading the landscape.

Sahara Desert camping is one activity here which offers the best and one of the most memorable and unique experiences. At the Sahara what else could be more memorable than a night under the stars after a sunset camel ride and a dinner next to the fire camp while entertained by a local folkloric band?

Camping at Sahara Desert will give you full access to join a caravan crossing, wander through dunes where you can hear nothing but the harmonious footsteps of your camels. An exclusive lifetime chance to stop by an oasis to sip Saharan tea with nomads around the camp fire and enjoy at night the vast sky lit by a million stars. A campsite in the windy sand dunes of Sahara also offers you an opportunity to ride a camel.

The dramatic scenery of the desert is an adventure in itself, with some amazing locations to stop off at along the way. At the tent camps in Sahara one can enjoy at the fullest without sacrificing comfort. Your Sahara Desert Camp will be a large and spacious square pattern modern style tent that contains two twin beds with cozy blankets for the cooler months.

This facility will also have sprinkling wooden furniture and a gas lamp. There is a central courtyard which is draped in colorful carpets, cozy sofas, tables and chairs. At the end of the camp there will be a western toilet and hot shower as well. Sahara Desert Camping is filled with lots of attractive activities like

  • Camel Safari
  • Camel Trekking
  • Dune Quad Biking
  • Travel through the Dunes as a Caravan
  • Hiking Along the Crests of the Dunes
  • Discovering the Secret Life Hidden In These Limitless Spaces