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Tenere Desert, Niger

The Tenere Desert is one of the popular tourist destinations offering great sightseeing in Niger. Tenere had not always been a desert, this area used to be a sea floor and later a beautiful tropical forest during the prehistoric Carboniferous period. Agadez is the capital city of Tenere.

Tenere desert is well known for its beautiful and incredible sand dune areas, in the entire Sahara. Located on the eastern side of the Air Mountains and 500km (310mi) northeast of Agadez, it’s often known as the desert of deserts.

Tenere Desert spreads over an area of 154,440 square miles from the northeastern part of Niger to the western side of Chad. The Tenere Desert is bordered by the Air Mountains towards the west, Djado Plateau in the northeast, Ahaggar Mountains towards the north, Lake Chad towards the south, Tibesti Mountains in the east. Erg du Tenere is the central part of the desert.

Being an arid region, its climate is really scorching hot. The climate here cannot sustain plant life because in summers the temperature soars to 42 degree Celsius. There is scarcity of water in this region. Just because of the harsh living conditions the population in the Tenere Desert is sparse. The desert is home to largely the Tuareg people. Hausa, Wodaabe, Songhay, Tebu and Moors are some of the other ethnic groups living in the desert.

The Tenere Desert houses many oases, villages and cities which mark as the prime attraction of this region. The places of importance here are Abalagh, In-Gall, Agadez, Tanout, Tahoua, and Airlit. Some of these places have also stood as the major tourist attraction of Tenere Desert.

Tenere Desert Tourist Attractions:
  • Airlit: Airlit is a town situated northeast of Niger, which is famous for its uranium mining industry. The markets here sell basket ware, pottery items and calabashes.
  • In- Gall: A town nestled in the Agadez Department towards the northeastern part of Niger is famous for its oasis and beautiful salt flats.